Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Work-Life Balance

Monday was my official start back at work after a three week break and it was tough going. Just like it always is. I've tried to be objective about it and work out if the problem was that I was off in a new and glorious location or if it was just the same as ever. That is, difficult to be back at work after three weeks of summer holiday. Especially when you log in and find more than 950 emails waiting. My thinking has definitely come down on the latter. I mean, who enjoys going back to work after three glorious weeks of holidays? I struggled and did a couple of hours work on each of Monday and Tuesday, mostly reading email, but today I had a real days work. Woke up early, got the laptop fired up in the shade of the rising sun and started hoeing into the work that has been backing up. Dealing with people in Australia, America, England, India, Japan and New Zealand from out the front of the van with a nice view across the grass to some vinyards of the Barossa. And I was productive. Haleleujah! It looks like this way of life may be a goer after all. Much as I would love to jack it all in and just go swanning around Australia with nothing to do other than bum around, unfortunately that's not a viable alternative for me. Just like everyone else in the real world, I'm going to have to work to be able to feed my family. The good thing though is that it seems I'll be able to do that from pretty much anywhere as we travel around Australia.
 So after a great morning's work, and given our glorious location in the Barossa, the afternoon was spent dealing with the life part of the work-life equation. Glorious wine tasting. There is no better wine region in the world than the Barossa Valley. Aaah, so good. I had some past experience to fall back on and we had some good tips (thanks Geoff, Dave and some locals) and ended up racing around to Turkey Flat, Bethany, Rockford and Whistler. I would have loved for there to have been more, but 5 o'clock came around all too soon, and I guess that's where the work part of the work-life balance comes in. Had to do the work first before the life part could kick in. But it was a glorious day. And if it continues on in this fashion, then all will be good in the world. But work is done for the day now, so it's time to kick back and have another glass of a fine Whistler red and wait for the pizzas to be delivered to our van. Life is very good today.

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