Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Home is where the van is

Sunset over Glenelg beach
I can't believe how quickly I've adjusted to being back in the van. Only a few days ago I was driving to LA airport listening to Henry Rollins tribute to Abraham Lincoln on KCRW (oh yes!)before jumping on a plane for 17 hours. Now, apart from a very mild dose of jetlag, it feels as if I was never away. Usually it takes me about 5 days to get over jetlag. I've tried all sorts of remedies down the years in an attempt to reduce the time, but nothing seems to make any difference one way or the other. This time for some reason, it seems not too bad at all and I've used nothing. Perhaps it's due to the fact that life here now is totally flexible. There's no real fixed starting time or finishing time for anything. It's been pretty much a go with the flow kind of existence. I think this augurs well for a few months down the line when we inject a baby into our lives. Dealing with a baby through the night is the closest you can come to international travel without actually leaving home. You get the jetlag without the benefit of being somewhere different, accompanied by a considerable number of failed attempts to make yourself understood by a person who's not really interested in what you have to say. Unfortunately it usually takes a lot longer than 5 days to get over the jetlag. And you tend not to be able to just sit around and watch movies on demand the whole time.

Yesterday we went along for Tori's 20 week scan to see how the baby is doing in there. There were no complications with either Jazzy or Finn so we're pretty hopeful that this one will be the same. And all came back well from the scan. All the measurements appear good with his little heart beating away and seemingly the right number of fingers and toes. Jaz and Finn were both born in England thanks to the NHS, so this is our first experience with maternity in Australia. So far it's all been good. It seems that support for pregnant women and the process of childbirth is given high priority in both countries. Everyone who is involved seems happy to be doing their job and usually they have a welcoming disposition. Certainly the people you deal with seem much more compassionate and friendly than those you tend to meet in accident and emergency of any hospital anywhere at any time. Hopefully I'll have the same story to tell in another 20 weeks. The scan confirmed the due date to be around 29th June,

And so it's also been back to work in my mobile office. I don't think anyone can really get their head around the fact that I'm actually working here and not just on permanent holiday. A bloke sitting under an awning outside a van, working on a laptop for hours on end must seem a bit out of place among the holiday revellers. But that's the way it is. I started early today with a long phone call to an overseas colleague but then had a great lunch break for a few hours, spent splashing around in the pool with the kids and Tori, wrestling and playing keepings off with a waterproof soccer ball on a gloriously hot and sunny Adelaide day. Tori had to have a few breaks by the side of the pool. She gets tired pretty quickly these days and is only really able to operate at half pace. After a quick bounce on the giant inflatable cushions, it was back to work for a few hours, interrupted by dinner in the middle. A sort of staggered work day around a much more fun activity in the middle. I think this is sort of my typical day now, if such a thing exist. I guess it will all change again when we move on from here which will likely be on the weekend. I'll then get to have my first real trial of the new jockey wheel. Fingers crossed.


Joanne said...

Sounds wonderful. Glad Tori managed ok without you. Greg and I spent some time at the beach around lunch time, kids all at school. It was 39 degrees. We both work from home and often late into the night so the split work day works for us too. Its been very easy to get used to. Greg has had a change of work scene and is now considering regular hours again. Yuk. Did you sell Warrandyte or lease it out? We are really looking forward to seeing you. We are off to Melb. from 1-9 March. Rhyanna was born on June 29. Look out! Lovve hearing your news. Cheers, Jo

Greg Swedosh said...

Looking forward to seeing you too Jo. Warrandyte rented out for 12 months. Enjoy your trip over to Melbourne. I expect we'll be in Perth just after you get back. Will let you know.
Cheers, Greg

doug_non said...

Great news about baby's progress and glad the trip goes well.

Still a lot of agro in Vic about Wimmera farms still being underwater (incredible). Keep going west, following those NUmber 9 drives.

Doug & Non