Saturday, February 19, 2011

Drama at the caravan park

The right kind of booze bus
Today we had a group of teenage guys move in next door. Dance beats were pumping and the beer was flowing and it wasn't yet midday. It was always going to get ugly.

I woke up with a hangover of my own. A bit too much fine Whistler shiraz last night while watching the footy resulted in me passing out on the bed in my clothes and feeling a bit ropy this morning. We had planned to leave Adelaide today, but the continuous morning rain provided the perfect excuse for delaying the departure for another day. Packing everything up and driving 400km just seemed way too difficult for today. So instead we went into town to check out the Adelaide fringe festival. And what a good decision it was. The rain had gone and the sun was out, so we made our way through the Rundle Mall and down to the Garden of Unearthly Delights. The gardens are the epicentre of the festival, containing a number of the venues, a free stage where we watched a few stand-up comedians and an amazing guitarist, market and food stalls and a fair ground with rides. It seems a great festival the Adelaide fringe. I'm glad that we had at least a little taster. When we left around 9pm, a large queue of people were lining up to come in. Outside the festival site, the streets of Adelaide were packed. The city is alive and kicking.

When we got back to the caravan park, things here were alive and kicking too. The guys next door had obviously been drinking continuously for the past nine hours and were now completely out of control. Loud drunken arguing  punctuated continuously with loud swearing seemed at any second like it was going to break out into a fight. There was a bit of wrestling, a few punches thrown and abuse delivered to others around the campsite who dared to suggest that they pipe down a bit. It felt dangerously out of control. Tori and the kids were spying through a crack in the curtains watching the drama unfold. When the park security guard turned up, they told him to fuck off. The police were always going to be on their way after that, but it seemed quite a while before they eventually arrived. In the meantime more punches had been thrown and it started to escalate. Eventually the police arrived and were confronted by an interesting dilemma. They wanted to throw them out of the caravan park, but where would they then go? It seems that the boys were all from out of town and they were too drunk to drive. In the end, the police evicted them anyway, marching them on foot towards the front gate. It seems almost certain that the problem has just been relocated and that anybody caught up in their wake could easily get into a random altercation. It also seems highly likely that with nowhere to sleep, the boys will be meeting up with some other police somewhere on their journey tonight and perhaps spend the night in a warm cell. I'm not sure when they'll be coming back to pack up their tent and collect their car. Hopefully not tonight.

As for us, the plan is to leave here in the morning. Time to start making some ground on the journey west.

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