Sunday, January 16, 2011


This caravanning caper has several traps for young players. In the few days since we left I've managed to crush and mangle the jockey wheel, bend one of the van support legs and somehow, though I still don't know how this occurred, end up with a hitch pin that no longer seems to slide effortlessly through the hitch. All a bit of a drag. I thought that the hard part was just going to be towing a 3+ tonne van. But it seems there's a bit more to it than that. And so, we've stopped off in Warrnambool for a few days to try and take stock, and to find a caravan place where we can sort out the hitch situation and get a new jockey wheel. On the positive side, I did manage to get the annexe up, though it did take me about 2 hours rather than the 10 minutes I expect it will take me next time. We now at least look like we have a little home amidst the throng of holiday makers in the Surfside caravan park. I think it seems prudent to become a little more proficient at what is required to set up our camp before giving up the luxuries of electric hook up and heading bush. Warrnambool.... only a few hundred kms from Melbourne. At this rate we might not make it to Broome until 2014.
On the emotional front, everything seems a little chaotic. Jazzy and Finn are both quite seasoned travellers for their tender years and handle hours in the car extremely well. But it seems we've just hit a period where Jazzy can turn from bubbly affectionate daughter to snappy shitty drama queen in a few seconds if she doesn't get what she wants. Thankfully she can switch back the other way almost, but not quite, as quickly. Finn can go from an extremely compassionate fun loving boy to a stormy and sullen one, prone to abuse and lashing out. Hopefully as we get further into the trip and everybody adjusts a bit to the change and to each other's constant company, things will even out a bit more. I think so far I've been relatively calm, even as I destroy parts of the van. Though how calm is probably for others to say.
We've decided to stay in Warrnambool for a few days also to feel like we are truly on holidays. Now that our camp is all set up, we might as well make the most of it and just chill out a bit. So far a lot of it has seemed like a continuation of the work that went into vacating the house. But tonight I had my Maton out for a loving strum and am now sitting back with a fine glass of the Balvenie. So things are definitely on the up. The only thing troubling me right now is why there is a double R in Warrnambool?.

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Rani said...

Happy camping in Warrnambool. I hope the kids have settled down and you fix whatever has to be fixed with the van. It's all double dutch to me. Love Mum