Monday, January 24, 2011

Van domesticity

A miraculous event in our world of domesticity has occurred. In the relatively short period of a couple of weeks. Jazzy and Finn have become willing participants in helping around the "house". We've moved from a perpetual state of "I did it last time". Or a moan of "It's his/her turn" whether it is or it isn't, to having two very helpful young people who are willing to happily do their bit without complaint. This was unheard of back in Warrandyte. Tori would frequently take on any chore of theirs because it was easier for her to do it than having to continually scream and yell at them to get it done. They knew that if they put it off for long enough, Mum would end up doing it for them. But now, Tori and I can actually sit and relax while the dishes are being done. And be entertained in the process as the dryer rejects any uncleaned item back to the washer with a sing-song "uh uh uhhhh". And importantly, they don't just do it, they do a good job.
I guess one of my main motivations for the trip was the hope of evolving us as a family and trying to help the kids establish some positive patterns for living. Not that the dishes themselves are that huge a deal, but a psychological shift has definitely occurred. There's a realisation that we're all in this together. A willingness to accept responsibility and pitch in to help get the job done. The close proximity of living in a van just seems to have made it more obvious that we all need to help each other to make our lives smoother. Even the battle of the iPods seems over. They are hardly being used at all now. Other options such as cycling, playing cricket, swimming, running around with other kids or reading seem to have replaced the time that was otherwise spent playing games on a tiny screen. I was watching Finn on the beach today. He's a big strong boy for his age. Spending more time outside and leading a more physical existence will make him even stronger and hopefully help his self-image and self-confidence. Such a sensitive beautiful boy. I have to remind myself at times that he's only nine. Spending more time together is already helping me get a little more understanding of what he's going through. There's some tough issues to contend with as a kid, so hopefully my being in closer continuous contact will allow me to help him to negotiate some of them in a positive way. Perhaps provide him with some new strategies for dealing with certain types of situations.
They are both lovely little people. I'm looking forward to watching them grow over this 12 month period.

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Marion said...

That was a warm fuzzy post..
Its great to watch kids grow and learn..(and grow and learn from watching them..)..sounds like they are really enjoying the new surrounds. What a great opportunity it is for them and how lucky they are to have parents who realise there is more than one way of doing things..