Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tori's Birthday

I've known Tori since she was 20. We've lived together since she was 22. We married when she was 26. We became parents together when she was 32. Then again when she was 33. And a decade later, we're soon to be parents again it seems. Today is her birthday, so Jaz, Finn and I took her out to celebrate her life. She is somebody very special and with many talents. Somebody who has often passed her deeds off as insignificant thinking that anybody could have achieved them, yet most people sit back and admire with awe. She has a grace about her and a generosity that is beyond most people's comprehension. She usually puts the feelings of others before those of herself, often committing to help when she is already over committed. She doesn't like to feel that she has let anybody down. In my time with her I've seen her be an exhibiting artist, a performing musician, a school teacher, a bartender who got the sack for giving away free drinks to fellow employees, somebody dressed up on the side of Glenhuntley Road as a giant red capsicum, a girlfriend, a wife, a mother, an exceptional swimmer, a graphic designer, a personal fitness trainer and a yoga teacher. All to good effect and with total commitment. When I've gone through my inevitable cycles of doubt about lifes' directions, she has been my greatest counsel, giving me confidence in myself to choose the right path. Often that has been to help me to choose the more fun option. We've travelled around the world together. From Australia across America and the West Indies with backpacks to live in England. Across Europe and through the Middle East in a VW Transporter van.  And now we are off on a new big voyage together. This time we've set off in a caravan across Australia with 4 and somewhere along the journey we're hoping to become 5. To me, Tori being  pregnant is still a totally intellectual concept. For her it's a constant physical state of being. She's been carrying a growing baby inside her now for more than 18 weeks. It's in there rolling and kicking. Making her nauseous at times and often worn out. She's handling it all with a grace that is admirable.
So this is the 23rd birthday of Tori's that I've spent in her company. Her 21st she let pass without fanfare. Her 40th was an extravaganza with Steve Kilbey and Ricky Maymi playing in our front garden in North Warrandyte. Tonight was just with Jaz, Finn and me. We went to a fine restaurant in Robe, gorged ourselves with great seafood and consumed a few drinks. And at times laughed ourselves silly. On coming back to the van that is now our home, we had supermarket cake with candles and cups of tea and a whole lot more laughter. It couldn't have been better. Happy birthday Tori.

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Greg Stroot said...

Hey Guys,
Love hearing about your adventure and a happy birthday to Tori.

I still regret not being at her 40th.

Jo still talks about it