Saturday, January 22, 2011

Is this the life?

Today I met Kim and Jen. The former being a gruff white haired bloke in his mid to late 50s, probably slightly hardened by having to grow up with a girl's name, but an extremely amiable bloke all the same. Jen is his wife. I stopped by to admire their rig (that's what you do here in caravan parks) for it was quite impressive. Kim said that he and Jen had sold up everything they owned to be living in their van and constantly travelling around the country. They towed their caravan with some kind of big diesel transit van that housed two Harleys in the back. They invited me inside and it was luxurious. Nice lounge area, good looking bedroom setup with a full ensuite at the back and loads of room for two. Apart from the fact that Kim had a kidney removed last year and needed to drop in to hospitals around the country for the occasional check-up, it sounded like they had it completely sussed and loved the life they were living. Kim was full of advice for a novice like myself, very eager to show me his water filtration system, solid wood cupboards and other features of their set up. They were heading back to Mt. Barker, just out of Adelaide, to have a new diesel central heating system installed while they waited for the Victorian goldfields to normalise themselves following the floods.
I know I've been on holiday so far on this trip and that it's early days, but it seems to me that I could certainly live this life, just like Kim and Jen. I guess in a way it was the life that Tori and I had loosely planned for a decade's time when Jaz and Finn were older and doing their own thing. The wandering plan was certainly not limited to Australia and involved also a considerable amount of time exploring Europe. Perhaps even back down to the Middle East and Africa. That was before discovering that a baby was on the way. So how will that affect things I wonder. As evidenced by the fact that Tori is pregnant, making any concrete plans for life seems a little fraught with danger. I guess the real question for us in the short to mid term is how a newborn baby will affect this particular trip. It's all unknown. Things will clearly vary depending on the health of the baby and Tori's recovery. In my Utopian vision, after having based ourselves in Broome for 2 to 3 months for when the baby is born, at about 6 to 8 weeks old our new son will be metaphorically flung into the back of the car and off we go down the Gibb River Road, through the crocodile infested Kimberley region and onward to the Northern Territory. Maybe we'll decide we're not up for that and that it's all too difficult. I hope that's not the case. We'll just take it as it comes I guess. And tomorrow we're heading to Robe.


Jo Williams Photography said...

Wow Greg, awesome news! Give my best to Tori, I hope things are going well. Sounds you are having such a great time. Jo

Greg Swedosh said...

Thanks Jo, will do. Having a good time now but we'll see how we go when it's time to actually do some work.

Been loving your stuff. Some amazing pics. Really loved your recent family silhouette.

Cheers, Greg