Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A glorious day of nothing

Today I finally rediscovered the art of essentially doing nothing. Slept in, had breakfast, read my book, had a bit of a phone chat with Mum and Nat, cooked up some sausages for lunch accompanied by a leisurely beer, read my book some more, had a siesta (worn out from all the strenuous activity), rode my bike down to the Robe supermarket to get a couple of supplies, had a couple more beers, ate dinner and then read a bit more of my book. That's it. The rainy weather helped put paid to any further activities. Great justification for not going to the beach, not playing a game of cricket, not going for a walk, not even making my way over to the shower block. A perfectly lazy self indulgent day. I can't remember the last time I had a day anything like this. They used to be my specialty. Those uni days of waking in the morning with a groan at the thought of the suite of lectures I had waiting for me. Then the delicious feeling of freedom at the moment I'd decide that I wouldn't go in today and instead would just roll over in bed. An emotion of true bliss that all of a sudden I had a day completely unhindered by any obligation. Many of the days when I did actually get myself into uni were spent playing cards in the coffee shop. At a point when the next lecture was scheduled to begin, Bruce and I would look at each other over the 500 hands we'd been dealt and have a standard conversation.
"Are you going"?
A pause for considered reflection.
"Nuh. Are you"?
Another pause.
We'd then just continue the hand and play for another hour until the next class was scheduled to start, then have the same conversation. That could go on all day from first thing in the morning until mid-afternoon when, tired of cards for the day and having been to no lectures, we'd decide that it was time to go home. Some of this may give some insight into why I spent the entire decade of the 80s as a tertiary student to eventually come out the other end with a 3 year degree.
Over the last few years, there just always seems to be too many things to do. That seems to have accelerated even more over the last 12 months. Such a busy time, particularly with work. It had come to dominate my being so much that even when I wasn't at work, it always seemed to be occupying my mind. No holiday for 18 months didn't help matters. I often hear people fantasize about working for themselves and being able to take time off work whenever they want. Unfortunately the converse seems to be true. When you have your own business, it seems harder to take time off. And harder to only work 9 to 5. It certainly consumed me last year to the point where I was particularly burnt out by the end of the year. With family and household type commitments to contend with also, life fills up very quickly. And then with all of the other layers of real and perceived crap that we manage to pile on top, it can be overwhelming. I know that it is the lot of the majority, especially those with kids, to be time poor. I certainly don't think I'm alone in this predicament. There's never enough time to do everything that needs to be done. For whatever reason, I don't ever seem to be able to find the personal space or time at home to read anything at all other than the morning paper over breakfast. There just always seem to be more pressing things to do than sit passively reading a book. So to have removed all obligation from my life, to the point where I can just laze around reading for the majority of the day, is sheer bliss. I think I'll go now and read some more.


Shlog Blogger said...

Very jealous... just finished re-reading "The WindUp Bird Chronicle".... great book have you read it? Another half a day of patients await....

(cousin) Grant

Greg Swedosh said...

Haven't read that one yet Grant, but it clearly sounds good. I've read A wild Sheep Chase and Norwegian Wood. Finished Kafka By The Shore yesterday. I love his writing. Even in translation the description is sublime. His books must be amazing to read in Japanese.
Great to hear from you. We're coming your way and look forward to catching up.