Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bound for South Australia

Today we finally made it out of Victoria. Eventually we hauled ourselves out of the inertia we were stuck in in Warrnambool, packed up the van, addressed the hitch (no problems) and headed off down the road to Mt. Gambier. Me the driver, Tori the trusty navigator. Well... we were going alright for a while. To be fair, the signs didn't seem obvious for heading to Mt. Gambier along the C192 rather than the Princes Hwy, but somehow we ended up having a much more scenic detour via Cape Bridgewater. Despite all of her other sensational qualities, Tori's navigational skills with a map have been known to be slightly problematic. We somehow missed the border checkpoint from Greece to Turkey once and ended up driving an extra 200km north to cross the border at the next crossing between the two countries. When we got there we were told that that particular checkpoint was closed and we'd have to head back down the 200km we'd just driven to cross via the checkpoint we'd missed. In not too friendly a manner I might add. I don't think the Greek border guard could see why we would possibly want to leave his country and go to that other country. So we essentially drove an extra 400km for nothing. Today was not so dire and actually ended up quite well. Cape Bridgewater is a beautiful expansive white sand beach. Not too many people. Crystal clear blue water. Essentially a beautiful place to stop for lunch and have a quick frolic on the sand.

When we departed there we thought it best to let TomTom have a crack at the navigation. It seemed to know where we were and where we were going, but decided to give us our first semi-offroad adventure. The device, with a mind of its own, led us down a host of unnamed unmade roads coated in sand and minor corrugations, around the Mount Richmond National Park. Good to put the 4WD with a payload of just over 3 tonne of van and cargo through some minor paces. Sort of like a spring training run when the players first get back from their Christmas break. No footies out. Just a loosener before the real work begins. Hopefully that will all be coming later. Eventually we hit the paved road once more, unscathed and somewhat relieved to have made it through the session ok. Saw our first emu which definitely made it seem like we were somewhere out in the wilds. Well, Tori and I saw it anyway. The kids were too busy with their heads buried in iPods to see anything at all really. We're slowly whittling down the use of these electronic devices. With the kids at times just sitting inside the van playing games on these tiny machines, we decided to forbid their use except for during car travel. I can see that this edict will be taken further and include severely limited time of use in the car also. Finn thought that it was something, that as a family, we should all get to vote on. I had to explain to him that it may be called the Good Ship Utopia, but unfortunately in regards to him, it may actually be the DictatorShip Utopia. It seems that we all have different visions of Utopia.

Eventually we arrived in Mt. Gambier and checked into the very luxurious Blue Lakes caravan park. We thought we'd stay in one more holiday park before a bit of bush camping. Just to make sure that everything is right and that we can at least have one drama free stay before upping the ante on our choice of accomodation. We'll be here for 3 nights and then likely go bush.


Andrew said...

Brilliant update Greg, keep it up. We're enjoying following the adventures.

All the best, the very jealous Prices.

Greg Swedosh said...

Thanks Andrew. Hopefully helping you build up some good incentive for when your van is ready mate.