Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Friends? in England

When is a friend no longer a friend. How irritating and fundamentally offensive can they be before you decide to see them no more? Or is it just a stage? A symptom of some neuroses they are afflicted with at the time. But what if they were truly obnoxious last time as well. And what if they are so rapt up in their own self that they don’t really have much view for your opinion. Or is it that you are now so full of yourself that it inspires some level of strange competition in who can outdo the other one. I’m doing this now and this is so much better than whatever it is that you’re doing. But don’t really care what you’re doing because I just want to talk about me. And here’s my opinion on this as well while I’m at it.

Saw Sally last night. What a joy when everybody left and I could just talk to her. A year on since James died. She has to work out who she is on her own now. And seems to be doing so in a fantastic way. She’s strong. Such a generous soul. And smart. And loving. One of the genuinely beautiful people I’ve come to know. I’m so happy to know that she’ll be fine now. James would be proud of her. He always was.

And a journey of seeing my friends be rock stars. What an amazing buzz. Steve Guthrie running around on stage, swaying around with guitar face on. Right into it. And a good band he was part of. Kirk in his pomp. So at ease flirting with the girls in the front row. He’s addicted to the buzz of being a rock star. And why not? It looks like exceptional fun. Craig the bass man of a thousand bands. Sisters of Mercy original member. First and Last and Always.

And Steve Boakes with the Levellers at Brixton Academy. Home of some of my favourite all time gigs. Packed to capacity with their crazed fans. Plastic cups of unidentified liquids flying into the air and all over anybody in their wake. Beer, water, something and coke. Didn’t matter. It seems universal that the best part of the gig is always when Steve comes out and does his thing. A slightly mad body-painted shaman dancing and loping around blowing a didgeridoo.

And Steve G seems very happy with Marissa. They make a great couple. She’s a lovely and feisty one that one. Always up for a good verbal scrap. And very adept she is.

But no Andy. Very strange to be in England with Andy not around. Off in Istanbul teaching the Turks how to speak English. Holding sway over a captive audience listening to his every word. Flirting carefully with the more attractive students. Intellectualising over some old bollocks in the staff room. It brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.

And a new BT contract along with a pathway for continuation on the project. An unanticipated feeling of security. They’ve given me a real opportunity. I truly realise now how great England has been for me. Even on a day when the ice wind blasts and the cold grey rain flows it’s a warm and welcoming place for me to come. There are many cosy pockets and they still seem to grow. I am grateful.