Sunday, February 17, 2008


I’m trashed. Sunday arvo and still recovering from a big Friday night. One night great, two days bad. Died Pretty and Ed Kuepper at the Forum. The usual suspects. Lisa, Dan, Tal, Zaf etc. No Priscilla. Not sure if it’s cause she’s pregnant or not a fan of the bands. No Lila. But a few extras. And many and varied drinks. And spliffs outside in the laneway. The offer of an e around 1am was tempting. If not for the sense of Tori refusing I’d feel even more dazed and confused today. The sound not great for Ed. All set up for DP. They were superb. Ron Peno in fine voice. Somehow I had a random waltz with some jovial man in the crowd who obviously could see I was flying and up for it. And then This Final Twist. A great concert highlight moment for the ages. And then staggering to 3 below bar wherever that is. And I think somewhere else but all is pretty hazy around that point. A blur of reminisces to Dan of grand finals I have seen. I was recounting the 1970 final series. He wasn’t to be born for another 9 years. Both of us with similar sporting father legacies. His father a legend of the football club. He felt similarly destined to disappoint.

It’s another hot summer day in Melbourne. I should be outside with the kids around the pool. They are happy playing games on their computers. I’m feeling too lazy to disturb them. I can’t send them outside to play and slob around myself. Might as well leave them be. I’m between trips at the moment. Back last weekend from a week in LA. The XYPRO thing in Simi. Good to catch up with the crew. Good guitar hunting expeditions with Jackson that resulted in me now being the owner of a Guild 12 string. All in all a good time. Off to Singapore next weekend for a week. Staying with Hom as usual which is always nice. Haven’t seen him for a while. Then off to the UK to find out if I have a new BT contract or not. If I was a betting man, I’d bet on 6 months and then the end, but if I am to be told that this is the end, I won’t be altogether surprised. Have booked into a Brighton apartment and taken a few extra days to just veg around and catch up with friends. Just in case it truly is the last hoorah.

Lots of travelling coming up. In the next few months there will be Sydney for a week, New Zealand, and back to the US for ITUG in June. That trip with Tori, taking in San Fran and Vegas for the anniversary. Should be fun. Japan is the wildcard. Will they or won’t they end up working with me. Who the fuck knows. It’s all very interesting though. I’m happy it’s a slow process. And I suppose I have to go to India again. Either that or just give it the flick. Mumbai is such a shithole. If I never had to go there again in my life that would be fine by me. Nice guys I’m dealing with there – Milind, Sunil, Altaf. Just a shit place. Crowded, smelly, noisy, polluted, poverty to the extreme. An assault on all senses. Great food its only salvation. But with the timebomb that any meal could potentially be the one that gives me Bombay belly. New Zealand will basically be a trip to go and get pissed with the guys from ANZ in Wellington and Stuart at ETSL in Auckland. That will be fun. Tori and the kids are coming with me to Sydney for the week I’m there but I’ll be doing the work thing and go and see all the customers and HP contacts. Then stay in a nice hotel for a few nights with Tori and Mike and Lisa’s weding on the Sunday.

I still feel trashed. But life is interesting and good.