Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh my god! I'm in Sydney!!!

I'm in Sydney now. How could that be. Only 5 minutes ago I was in Taiwan.

Pubs in Paddington and dinner at Mike's. Sydney can't be better than that. What a great girl Lisa is. Could talk to her until the cows come home, and then talk about which route they took, and why it might not have been the appropriate one. Or was. Whichever the case may be.

MCing the OZTUG show tomorrow.A captive audience, what joy. I shall talk fine quality truth or bollocks. Whichever the moment calls for.

Guylians and salted cashews are a fine combination. Especially after beers, reds and greens.

Need something to wet the mouth though. A bit claggy.

And all of a sudden it was 12:30am. A second ago it was 11:30. shit.

They lay everything out so invitingly here at the Hilton. red wine. cookies. glazed and dried fruits. flat screen tv. Inviting bed. (Not quite irresistable just yet though).

Sydney's been great today. Short flight. Beautiful blue sky day. Easy comfy lunch in the hub. Plush hotel. Paddington pubs. Veg out at Mike and Lisa's.

But where have all the Guylians gone?????......

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Jenny said...

save some Gulians for me!