Sunday, April 23, 2006

The working life

What a whirlwind life has become. One day in Australia sitting at home in the bush of Warrandyte. Slow paced, bellbirds in the trees. Tori, Jazzy and Finn whirling around in their own lives. Me working frantically in multiple timezones to get the next work project finished in time. Working late into the night when it should be time for relaxing. Working on the weekend when it should be time for playing with the kids.

The next day in Singapore taking up life again there. Going to work in the morning and spending the day inside office buildings that are the same in Melbourne, Sydney, Mumbai, Taipei, London, Manila, Los Angeles, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur. The faces of the people change and the lunch time cuisine. Other than that it's all computer screens and photcopiers. Business suits and formalities. Undoubtedly there is a buzz in travelling through the sights of a new city to get to the office, and once in the office to meet new people of different languages and cultures. But an office is an office is an office. And a large multinational corporation is just a collection of people doing the same things for some larger machine wherever it may be located. As for hotels, after walking in the door and thinking "this is a nice room" (at best), it just becomes another impersonal box with a bed and a minibar.

Coming back to Warrandyte from the hustle and bustle of a city some 12 hours flying time away, in another timezone, and the need to hit the ground running. I feel like I've just crashlanded in a flying saucer. On with the next project. What emails haven't I answered. Which bills need to be paid. What deadline is looming and who do I need to have a conference call with in which timezone. It wears me down. Inevitably I hit this point. The excitement has gone and there seems no chance to recharge. My energy is too low to give out anything positive to the people I should be closest to. If Tori is having a hard time, which seems frequent enough, I struggle even more to give her what she needs.

Well Greg. Sounds like you need a holiday. Good thing that one is around the corner. Perhaps your self indulgence will subside and you'll be able to think about somebody else for a change. We'll see I guess....

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